The Social Club nº 3

This is the third release in The Social Registry’s ongoing series aptly titled The Social Club. Dispatched monthly via letter-pressed/limited edition 7-inch vinyl and digital distribution, this series presents a full musical array: the established and the obscured, the noisy and the delicate, the tempered and the experimental.

“This is some heavy, humid drone, pregnant with 4am electricity and, in the end, thick fuzzy beats. A beautiful surprise, engaging even in its abstract tendencies.” - Dusted

The press release for The Social Club makes reference to these editions being akin to postcards, and this one is a postcard in the truest sense. It captures a moment and represents a place of sorts. If you walk down Canal Street on any given night, odds are you will hear the sound of Messages coming from a fifth floor walkup. If you stopped, you would hear it go on for hours and it would be the sound of Tres Warren (of Psychic Ills) and Taketo Shimada mashing sine waves, bass loops, guitars, samplers and turntables into a storm in between bouts of playing techno and psychedelic improv records. The resulting sound consists of slowly shifting repetitions, heavy monotone low end and smoky echoes that conjure unexpected subsonic grooves. This 7-inch collects two of these tracks and marks the duo’s debut release.

Catalog Number: TSR048
Release Date: August 7th, 2007
Format: 7-Inch / Digital