The Social Club nº 7

This is the seventh release in The Social Registry’s 7-inch series, titled The Social Club, which ran from 2007-08. Dispatched monthly via letter-pressed/limited edition 7-inch vinyl and digital distribution, this series presented a full musical array: the established and the obscured, the noisy and the delicate, the tempered and the experimental.

"Presents a tentet of musicians, mostly German, playing an actual pop single in which piano, jawharp and tambourine configure nicely. Deeply, deeply pleasant." - Signal to Noise

The Metabolismus collective has been making music since the mid-1980’s, selfreleasing most of their early material on cassette and vinyl LPs. The band comes from the town of Stuttgart, Germany and creates music that is rooted in the rich tradition of German experimental bands such as Can, Amon Duul, Popul Voh and Kraftwerk with touchstones in rock, folk and electronic music. With this release they are joined by Samara Lubelski and provide two beautiful tracks of arboreal shimmer with glimpses of soft 60s psychedelic sheen.

Metabolismus do not see themselves as just a band. They evolved out of a typical East-Swabian street-folk-punk-band into what they call an “exartperihoppmental workshop”. They released 33 tapes in the first ten years of existence and 33 records in the second, and are always in search of new sounds & experiences, concepts & structures, with absolutely no concession to commercialism. In this blend of purity in motive and inspiration grows the seed for “Metabolismusic”, which can be grasped as a sort of musical time bomb. Since 1982 they have seen their mission as evoking the ‘metabolic force’ through ‘metabolic love’ and it’s what they still attempt to express.

Catalog Number: TSR052
Release Date: January 22nd, 2008
Format: 7-Inch / Digital