IUD The Proper Sex

Nine 11 Thesaurus: Ground Zero Generals
The second in Representing NYC's ongoing series that pairs young Hip Hop MCs from East Brooklyn with producers from New York's underground music scene. Ground Zero Generals sees Nine 11 Thesaurus hook up with Gang Gang Dance's Tim Dewit and Skeletons' Matt Mehlan. Released in conjunction with Sockets Records.

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IUD The Proper Sex

Zs: New Slaves Part II: Essence Implosion!
The follow up (or sequel) to Zs' epic double album New Slaves. Features remixes of that material from the likes of Thee Majesty (Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Bryin Dall), JG Thirlwell, Cex, Ecstatic Sunshine, Excepter's Zebrablood, Gabe Andruzzi (The Rapture) and Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers). Also features new material from Zs.

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IUD The Proper Sex

Highlife: Best Bless
Mini-LP from Highlife (AKA White Magic collaborator Sleepy Doug Shaw) featuring five spectacularly infectious tunes. Recorded in Trinidad and at London’s legendary Southern Studios, Shaw is backed by members of White Magic, Gang Dance and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.

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IUD The Proper Sex

Debut effort from NYC spiritual-psych-gurus NYMPH delivers 5 tracks clocking in at just under an hour. Vibes to name-check: Deerhoof, Acid Mothers Temple, Can, 13th Floor Elevators, Group Bombino, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra and alike.

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IUD The Proper Sex

Psychic Ills: Catoptric
Catoptric is a document of the time Psychic Ills spent in the studio surrounding the recording of their expansive trance rock epic Mirror Eye, and contains music recorded between 2006 and 2009. Psychic Ills’ way of blending free flowing pieces and song ideas made of both organic and electronic sounds make it a condensed epic of sorts. Very limited pressing.

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IUD The Proper Sex

Zs: New Slaves
The second full length and seventh release from this NY experimental quartet clocks in at just shy of 74 minutes. Tempering avant garde composition, punk, free jazz and noise with textural ambient music, Zs truly push boundries with this epic release.

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IUD The Proper Sex

Interference: Interference
Never released record from one of the premier bands of the downtown NYC music scene of the early 1980s. Interference only ever recorded this one album which was originally slated for release on Josh Bauer and Glenn Branca’s legendary Neutral Records, but has been unavailable until now. With a roster comprised of Sonic Youth and Rhys Chatham alumni, Interference stands as a missing link in the coveted lineage of New York’s Art Rock scene.

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IUD The Proper Sex

Sian Alice Group: Troubled, Shaken Etc.
For their ambitious second album Sian Alice Group hone in on a genre-busting combination of organic improvisation and process-driven experimentation. You get your minimalist trances, electronic experimentation, techno thump, jazz motifs and Eastern music tropes in a joyous and complete listening experience that lasts close to an hour.

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IUD The Proper Sex

Zs: Music Of The Modern White
Our first release by Zs, a veteran experimental trio that mixes just about every genre imaginable into an altermodern pastiche of the most epic, beautiful and aggressive proportions.

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IUD The Proper Sex

I.U.D.: Daddy
Free 7" given with mailorder purchases of I.U.D.'s The Proper Sex. Features a single edit of "Daddy" and a remix by Black Dice's Aaron Warren.

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IUD The Proper Sex

I.U.D.: The Proper Sex
Debut LP from I.U.D. a project which finds Lizzi Bougatsos from Gang Gang Dance collaborating with Sadie Laska (Growing / Extreme Violence) to create a music which defies convention and classification while simultaneously being totally awesome.

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Psychic Ills - Mirror Eye

Mike Bones: A Fool For Everyone
Mike Bones' stellar second record. Provides further evidence of his outstanding songwriting and brilliant guitar work.

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Psychic Ills - Mirror Eye

Psychic Ills: Mirror Eye
Mirror Eye finds Psychic Ills further incorporating synths and electronics into their sound as they create a transcendent combination of musics that symbolize how far the band has and continues to evolve.

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Mike Bones A Fool For Everyone

Mike Bones: What I Have Left
Single from Mike Bones' second LP A Fool For Everyone. backed by a Sian Alice Group Remix. Very limited pressing.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Sian Alice Group: Remix
Super limited 500 pressing. Remixes by Hot Chip - Gang Gang - Spring Heel Jack and clocking in at about 30 minutes. Pete Rock would be the only possible improvement.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Gang Gang Dance: Saint Dymphna
The band's natural evolution continues with Saint Dymphna, GGD's first proper full-length LP since God's Money. Arguably their most definite musical statement to date.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Growing: All The Way
Growing's first official full-length for TSR following on from the mini-album Lateral and their Social Club 7-inch.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Sian Alice Group: The Dusk Line
A compelling four track compendium to 59.59 which focuses on the more restrained musical palette of just voice and piano.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Douglas Armour: The Light Of A Golden Day, The Arms Of The Night
The full-length debut from Los Angeles based Douglas Armour, ten pop jams stemming from the mind of a brilliant man.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Kid Kishore: The Social Club Nº 9
The ninth release in our Social Club arrives from Denmark based DJ/Producer Kid Kishore. High energy would be an understatement.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Sian Alice Group: 59.59
The sprawling debut from Sian Alice Group. Close to an hour of expansive, genre defying music.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Growing: Lateral
Growing's second release for TSR: a mini-LP, four songs which will play endlessly upon your mind.

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Blood On The Wall: Liferz
The third record from BOTW: eleven new jams that will send you on a rampage.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Metabolismus: The Social Club Nº 7
The seventh release in our Social Club arrives from Metabolismus; a German collective that has been making great music for over a decade. Features label mainstay Samara Lubelski.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Mike Bones: Live At Soundfix 11.27.2007
One sided live LP from Mike Bones, pressed in an edition of 350 copies as a special Christmas present to select people and our social club subscribers. If you see Bones play sometime he may have a copy at the merch table.


Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Growing: The Social Club Nº 8
The eighth release in our Social Club marks Growing's debut on the label. Two sides of pure audible bliss.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Mike Bones: The Sky Behind The Sea
The debut record from Mike Bones, a sometime member of Soliders Of Fortune and Jäh Division. Nine perfect songs crafted with the help of Samara Lubelski, members of Jäh Divison, Oneida, Oakley Hall and Antony & The Johnsons.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Octis: The Social Club Nº 6
The sixth edition of the ongoing Social Club series initiates the uninitiated to Octis, the current moniker of Mr. Mick Barr. Were we to guess, we would reckon he manages to squeeze a hundred and six thousand notes across the two sides of this 7-inch.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Blood Lines: XX
The sole full-length recorded by this blistering and sadly short-lived band that featured members of The Cranium and Telepathe. Tight, controlled and angular while teeming with a dark, kinetic energy.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Samara Lubelski: Parallel Suns
Beautiful and shimmering, this latest release from the acclaimed singer is brimming with a lovely and melodius blend of pop, folk, and psychedelia.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

I.U.D.: The Social Club Nº 5
The fifth offering in our ongoing Social Club series brings the off-kilter and entirely exciting percussive work of Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance) and long-time friend Sadie Laska. Two sides of out-there drumming, skewed vocals, and found sound.

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Gang Gang Dance RAWWAR

Gang Gang Dance: RAWWAR
Three new songs from these NYC heroes find the band moving in new and great directions; groove-laden and beat heavy, the band’s hard to pin sound might best be described as simply “awesome.”

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Artanker Convoy Cozy Endings

Christy & Emily: Queens Head
Undeniable and earnest electrified folk. Christy & Emily’s easy and mellifluous singing styles blend in perfect harmony, set to a perfect backdrop of stripped-down strumming.

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Artanker Convoy Cozy Endings

Douglas Armour: The Social Club Nº 4
The fourth installment of the Social Club singles series comes courtesy of the irresistably catchy musical sensibility of this veteran singer. Two tracks of rollicking sing-out-loud pop; you may want to listen with the blinds closed.

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Artanker Convoy Cozy Endings

Messages: The Social Club Nº 3
A collaboration between Tres Warren of Psychic Ills and Taketo Shimada, this release finds the duo exploring uncharted territories in the borderland somewhere between drone, techno, and psychedelia.

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Artanker Convoy Cozy Endings

Sian Alice Group: The Social Club Nº 2
Second in our Social Club Single Series. This one offers up the recorded debut of London's Sian Alice Group. One shimmering beautiful track that spans two sides.

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Artanker Convoy Cozy Endings

Artanker Convoy: Cozy Endings
An irresistible, jazz, rock that makes one swing. Cozy Endings brings you the now sound of Artanker Convoy and throws a bonus DVD into the mix with a host of videos of their live performances and conceptual pieces that give you the broad scope of this artistic group.

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Telepathe Sinister Militia

Telepathe: Sinister Militia
Four songs of beat poetics from the newest incarnation of Telepathe. Features two original compositions plus two remixes, one by Tyler Pope of !!! and another by Drew Daniel of Matmos/Soft Pink Truth.

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VietNam EP Number 2

Gang Gang Dance: Retina Riddim
A 33 minute visual/aural experience that washes over the mind and challenges preconceived notions of what a record can be as well what kind of expectations can be thrust upon a band. What if a music could truely play upon the Retina?

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Artanker Convoy Cozy Endings

Jena Malone: The Social Club Nº 1
The first edition of our Social Club Single Series. The musical debut of Jena Malone, two songs on two sides with multiple musical facets and strange narrative themes.

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VietNam EP Number 2

VietNam: TSREP Number Two
The second of the three limited 12" EPs from Vietnam. Four songs, good times.

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Psychic Ills: Early Violence
Collecting tracks from the first two installments of the Mental Violence series along with a few other hard to find tracks, this release captures the formative years of the band. Progressing from a duo to the more familiar quartet, the music breaths a sense of discovery that is all at once vehement, fragile and inventive.

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Early Violence

VietNam: TSREP Number One
The first of three limited 12" EPs from Vietnam. Five songs and awesome.

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Phantom Parade

TK Webb : Phantom Parade
TK Webb gives up snapping his finger to keep time and replaces said fingers with a bombastic rhythm section for this, his second release for TSR. Ten songs which play together so nicely it has us making outrageous claims about TK being the patron saint of rock music.

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Psychic Ills : Dins
The debut that band has been hinting at with the Mental Violence Series. Imagine Terry Riley forming a rock band.

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farewell Forest

Telepathe : Farewell Forest
Debut EP from Telepathe, a process oriented ever-changing esemble from NYC. Beat-chants bent to resemble chantey-folk-noise.

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samara lubelsi

Samara Lubelski : Spectacular Of Passages
Samara Lubelski's second solo foray through the fields of psychedelic folk finds her again surrounded by an army of compatriots. With members of Metabolismus, No Neck Blues Band, Tower Recordings and Soldiers Of Fortune as well as a number of soloists such as Tara Jane O'Neil and PG Six, Samara weaves a dense and beautiful tapestry.

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Blood On The Wall Awesomer

Blood On The Wall : Awesomer
The second record and it's awesomer.

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Psychic Ills Mental Violence II

Psychic Ills : Mental Violence II: Diamond City
Limited to 1000 12" silk-screened EPs with four tracks: two new ones, one archival, and a remix by Sonic Boom.

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Blood Lines: Only The Holy

Blood Lines : Only The Holy CDEP
The limited edition three track debut EP from Blood Lines, a band that features former members of Cranium, Wikkid & Centuries.

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TK Webb : KCK CD
Eight tracks of death blues by NYC's own TK Webb. A perfect record.

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Gang Gang Dance God's Money

Gang Gang Dance: God's Money
The second full-length release from GGD; a culmination of sorts.

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Gang Gang Dance - Hillulah

Gang Gang Dance: Hillulah Enhanced CDEP
Originally released as a tour CDR: a thirty minute onslaught created from live recordings dating 2003-2004. Also includes two Quicktime live movies.

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Samara Lubelski The Fleeting Skies

Samara Lubelski: The Fleeting Skies
Samara Lubelski steps outside the context of long time collaborators Hall Of Fame to deliver a solo endeavor recorded on two continents. This is Samara's vision with help from a host of friends; take an excursion into an intimate psychedelic folk world.

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Artanker Convoy Mature Fantasy

Artanker Convoy: Mature Fantasy
At last the debut LP from the groove meisters of Brooklyn. Now you can have their sonic confections playing whenever you want. Mature Fantasy is fun for the feet and the whole family.

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Jah Division

Jah Division: Dub Will Tear Us Apart 12"
The latest installment in our ongoing 12" series serves up Jäh Division; the errant brainchild of Brad Truax (Home, Broke Review), Barry London (Knoxville Girls), Kid Millions (Oneida) and Chris Millstein (Home). Here they team up for the most fun side project we've ever seen. Four guys playing dub psychedelic renditions of a similarly named band: pure joy.

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Electroputas 3

Electroputas: 3
The third installment from NYC's noise-mavens Electroputas is upon us and it is a heavy affair. Hand woven to thick analog tape over six months at the Junkyard Studio compound with Sean Maffucci of Icewater Scandal behind the board, this record opens up the stride of this criminally under-exposed outfit. The results at times bring to mind such notable luminaries as Can, Chrome, Lightning Bolt or the more musical ramblings of Ciccone Youth. With this record the trio has managed to take their unrelenting live sound in a wholly new direction.

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Gang Gang Dance

Gang Gang Dance: Revival Of The Shittest
Eight tracks culled from various sources ranging from rehearsal space boom box recordings to full on studio sessions. Originally issued as a CDR in an edition of 100; reissued and remastered on LP in an edition of 1000.

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Blood On The Wall

Blood On The Wall: Blood On The Wall
We are proud to offer the debut from Blood On the Wall; a rock and roll revival hosted by brother/sister singing songwriters Brad and Courtney Shanks as set to a beat by veteran drummer Miggy Littleton.

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Ghost EXits

Artanker Convoy: Ocean Parkway
Three straight up compositions from the psych-soul outfit with an additional remixed track by Sasha Crnobrnja of Organic Grooves. One listen and you'll realize why these guys are a hit in South America (we're not joking). Fourth in our 12" EP series and in an edition of 600.

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Ghost EXits

Electroputas: Piano Blooms 12" EP
Three tracks by NYC psych outfit Electroputas; Side A is devoted to a great version of Piano Blooms, a staple of their live set for the last few years. The two tracks on the B-side represent the finer moments of a live WFMU performance from 2001. Second in our 12" EP series. Packaged in metallic blue jackets with white/blue labels and pressed in a limited edition of 600.

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Ghost EXits

Ghost Exits: Ghost Exits 12" EP
Debut release by Brooklyn duo Ghost Exits; a band that explores the secret shared history of DNA and The Sugar Hill Gang. Packaged in metallic blue jackets with white/blue labels and pressed in a limited edition of 600.

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Hall Of Fame Paradise Now

Hall Of Fame: Paradise Now
Hall Of Fame's fourth record; recorded over a year at the famed Rare Book Room in Brooklyn where Samara moonlights as an engineer allowed the trio to take their compositions further into the ether. Carefully sculpting not only the inherent energies of the compositions but also drawing every audible element into the fold whether it be a slow drawn violin scrap, fluttering percussion or the slow echo of a vintage Ampeg Amplifier.

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Icewater Scandal

Icewater Scandal: No Handle
Debut full length from NYC noise-rock quartet Icewater Scandal. Recorded at Echo Canyon Studios by Sonic Youth analog surgeon Lee Ranaldo. Double LP Edition has an extra 16 minute track and is limited to 600 copies.

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Ghost EXits

Painting Soldiers: Horizon Falls 12"
Andrea Hansen steps outside of the epic dynamics of Icewater Scandal with this record; this is the debut of Painting Soldiers. Part of our 12" Series; a one sided LP with an etching on the B Side in an edition of 600.

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Icewater Scandal: Live At The Seawitch 06.21.2001
limited edition CDR of a live performance at The Seawitch, a hardcore club on the west coast of Staten Island. Hand numbered and packaged in transparent/foil artwork.


Janisary Music

Janisary Music: Janisary Music
Icewater Scandal guitar maven Sean Maffucci teams up with one time golden calf D. Methlie to create one of the most challenging pieces of music we have ever heard. 44 minutes of heavy listening released alongside an EcstaticPeace! LP edition in a hand numbered and packaged edition of 100 CDRs.

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AM Radio Icewater Scandal

AM Radio: AM Radio
The 35 minute debut from NYC's most underrated quartet; imagine a band that can somehow fuse the spirit of the Jefferson Airplane with the deafening blasts of Dead C. Recorded in 1998 by onetime-Honeymoon Killer Jerry Teel and made in an edition of 500.

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